What Brands Can Learn From Influencers & Creators

In recent years, the influencer and creator marketing strategy has been growing faster than ever before. If your brand is not sure how to incorporate influencer strategies, follow along with us. We’ll tell you what you can learn from digital creators to reel in more business.

First thing, let’s talk about influencers. In our terms, influencers are people who have the ability to influence others to make decisions, buy a product, and spread their knowledge. Currently, TikTok is the number one app in the world. People can post videos, lip sync, act, and do anything on there! What people don’t know is that videos are the algorithm and influencers are the wave. We’ve got some tips on how your brand can learn from influencers and other digital creators. 


Be Yourself 

If there’s anything you need to learn from influencers, it’s that they are true to who they are. Being yourself will draw the right audience to you. Creators often talk to their followers about their day, the products they use, and more. They are open and honest with themselves and their audience. So when they ‘be real,’ do just that. People love a brand that can be honest with them. 


Differentiate Content 

It’s great to have a consistent rhythm with your social media content, but it’s a plus to have different types of content too! One thing about influencers is that they have a variety of content. They are filming themselves giving a product a review, behind the scenes at an event, showing what they eat in a day, or even a silly dance video. Their audience loves that because they aren’t sure what type of content they will get for that day, but they know it’ll be enjoyable to watch. Take videos of your product, but show what goes on in a day for your brand. If you have an event that is coming up, take consistent videos behind-the-scenes, show the people who are coming, and why your audience should also be present. Your audience wants more, give it to them! 



Do you know who you’re talking to? Get really familiar with who your audience is. Is it a lot of TikTok-loving Gen Z-ers, or the 40-year-old moms? You need to know who it is you are entertaining and talking to. That is one thing that is popular with influencers. They are always addressing their audience. Check out your analytics on Google and take note of who it is you are addressing. 


We could go on about what you could learn from influencers, but the top three are the big ones. Be authentic, have a variety of content, and know your audience. Level up your brand with these three simple tips and see the difference it can make!

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