Hitch Marketing

Most clients have seen a 53% increase in click through rates after switching to HITCH.

53% increase in click through after switching to HITCH.

Ready to take your ad targeting to the next level? Meet HITCH – our dedicated system for targeting the right customer, on the right device, at the right moment. HITCH is centered around using your business’s first party data to retain current customers and build “lookalike audiences” to attract potential customers who “look like” your current ones.

Target customers who look just like the ones you’ve been most profitable with. HITCH functions with all segments you want to reach, target the customers that generate the greatest return to your business.

Most companies put all their marketing efforts into acquiring new business, but forget that in order to grow they must retain the customers they already have. LTD Connect combines technology and human touch strategy to hone in on both audiences to meet them with the right message.

Third party targeting is becoming more restricted with new regulations. HITCH provides the opportunity to target at a hyper personal level without being restricted.






Customers HITCH your business.

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