Personalization and How to Use It in Marketing

Personalization is a huge trend in today’s digital marketing landscape. It uses data to deliver brand messages targeted to existing and potential customers to offer a customized consumer experience. A recent eMarketer study revealed that 88% of consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. Most customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, and personalized marketing is a great way to do that.


A very basic example of personalization is a consumer shopping for a pair of shoes on Amazon, leaving Amazon’s website without adding the shoes to their cart, then seeing an ad for that pair of shoes while scrolling Instagram a few hours later. This kind of personalized marketing has been around for years, and businesses can take advantage of more advanced practices now. 


A well-known example of personalization is Spotify’s end-of-year Wrapped report. Users get to learn about their listening habits from the past year and Spotify creates templated graphics that are easy to share on social media. Creating personalized content that your audience wants to share is a winning strategy.


You can also use personalization in your email marketing campaigns. Instead of sending the same marketing email to all of your customers, you can customize the subject line, greeting, offers, message, and more to add a personalized touch.


Another example is creating personalized landing pages that change based on a user’s location or the type of ad delivered. Dynamic ads also provide a customized experience, showing specific product recommendations to each consumer based on their needs.


Overall, personalized marketing helps create a relationship between the brand and the consumer. It can improve a customer’s experience, increase brand loyalty, and ultimately increase your company’s return on your advertising investment. When you prioritize personalization in your marketing, you put the customer first. If you would like to explore opportunities to personalize your marketing strategy, reach out to us!

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