How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business

What is influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing is a facet of social media marketing using product endorsements and placements by influencers (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2022). The COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated the rise of influencer marketing tenfold. You would be hard-pressed to go on social media without seeing at least one influencer marketing ad. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have revolutionized the way advertising is done through influencer marketing and continue to prove just how valuable it can be. 

Why is influencer marketing valuable? 

Influencers small and large have a unique ability to connect with their niche audiences and subtly impact their buying decisions. Because their audiences trust them and their judgment, they are more inclined to purchase the products they are promoting. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, businesses are making $5.78 ROI for every $1 spent on their influencer marketing efforts (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2022). 

Which influencer is right for you? 

The key to high-performing influencer marketing campaigns is when the creator and the brand are a natural fit for one another. For example, if you are a local clothing store with an online storefront, you would want to use an influencer who attracts an audience in your area and can promote online traffic easily. A nearby micro-influencer would be a great fit! Another example would be a whiskey connoisseur encouraging their followers to use their favorite glasses, or other mixing accessories available for purchase online. These examples demonstrate an easy way to get in front of a specific audience who share mutual interests with the creator and the brand or product they are promoting! 

Ready for Influencer Marketing?

Whether your business is just one storefront or spread across the nation, there’s an influencer that would be a great fit for a partnership with you! Get in touch with LTD Connect now to discuss what this looks like for you and your business! 

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