Google Business Profile Tips to Rank Higher in 2023

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably already jotting down your business goals for 2023. What do you want to achieve? How are you going to make that happen?

While you’re thinking about that, take advantage of your free tool on the wide web. As business owners, there are problems that you always stumble upon. If you are just now starting your own business, there are a million questions that you ask yourself. One of them being “how are people going to know about my business?” With the new year approaching quickly, let’s talk about how to get your Google Business Profile to rank higher in 2023. 

After you’ve created your Google Business Profile, it’s easy to forget all about it. You’ve set your profile, store hours, address and phone number. You’re done. WRONG. It’s important you stay on top of your profile and always update it. A simple update gives you the competitive advantage to promote your content. You want to be the first or at least in the top three Google profiles to pop up. Providing updates on your business will keep you relevant and will show your current and potential new customers that you take your business seriously by always keeping them in the loop of what’s going on.


If you haven’t already, set up a way for your customers to message you. Stay connected with your clientele by allowing them to be able to reach you not only by a phone call, but by email or a messaging application. Make it personal.

Answer Questions

Constantly check your Google Business Profile to ensure you don’t have any unanswered questions. There’s nothing worse than having a customer ask a question and the business hasn’t responded yet.

Add Photos
If you have a photo of your products or brand, it’s most likely going to get viewed. People love visual images. Make sure to constantly add photos or even videos. Customers want to see the products they are potentially investing in.

Negative Reviews Need Love Too
Every now and then everyone gets those negative reviews too. Don’t ignore them, but simply kill them with kindness. Apologize first and foremost and let them know what you’ll do for them or give them contact information to have a personal conversation and fix the problem.

A few tips can go a long way. If you’re ready to elevate your Google Business Profile to the next level, take our advice. Take advantage of your Google Business Profile and let 2023 be your year!

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