At LTD Connect, our mission is simple – connect our clients to more customers. Through our system known as HITCH, we have 100,000+ data layers to target potential customers where they spend time online, and convert them into leads to grow your business. Having the data isn’t enough though, it’s how we analyze and act on the data that gives our clients a competitive advantage.

Historically, many CAT dealers have grown their business through grassroots marketing efforts by maintaining strong relationships with key businesses in their market in need of large construction equipment. This strategy has proven effective and profitable in growing many dealers across the nation, and has helped establish deep roots in the communities these dealerships serve.

The large construction marketing model has not been as effective in the small construction space. The audience for small equipment is MUCH bigger compared to large equipment making it impossible to solely implement grassroots marketing tactics.

With growing competition in the small equipment space, many CAT dealers are at a disadvantage being known only as a “large equipment” dealer in their market. With increasing competition, market share and volume pressure are at an all-time high, and many dealers are struggling to figure out how to pivot to get traction in the small construction space.

Does this sound familiar? If so, LTD Connect wants to execute proven strategies and tactics for your dealerships to increase market share in the small equipment vertical. Our “no-nonsense” approach to marketing cuts through the clutter and guarantees a return on investment.

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